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Levätehdas - Algae Factory
Levarbio (2016-2017)
Mixotrophy in Aquatic environments (2014-2017)
Cryptophyte algae as a source of essential fatty acids (2017-2018)
ALGOMEG (2015-2016)
Algae Factory –project, funded by Business Finland, focuses on producing microalgal biomass using nutrient rich side streams. The project targets production of algal biomass as a valuable source of bioactive compounds, such as omega-3 fatty acids and pigments. Goal of the current project is to create background to commercialize the microalgal production in Finland.

Levarbio project (European Regional Developement Fund) utilizes microalgae in wastewater treatment renewable energy production as well as sustainable production of high value substances for food and feed.
Mixotrophy in Aquatic environments project concentrates on the mixotrophic capabilities of algae and protozoa and the impact of mixotrophy in biochemical cycles in aquatic food webs.
In Cryptophyte project the potential of cryptophytes in essential fatty acid production is studied for commercial purposes.
Focus in Algomeg project (Funded by Tekes) is in production of  microalgal high value compounds for food, feed and antimicrobial products.