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Martin Romantschuk

My research deals with both basic and applied aspects of environmental biotechnology with special emphasis on sustainable use of resources and environmental protection and remediation. Among my main research topics are in situ soil bioremediation and the use of mixotrophic microalgae for production of high value biochemicals.
Anne Ojala
PhD Elina Peltomaa

My research interests are in the microscopic life forms of aquatic food webs. I'm specialized in algae, their ecology, taxonomy, nutrition modes (mixotrophy), and role in aquatic biogeochemical cycles. Among other things, I've studied the nutritional quality of algae (e.g. fatty acids, sterols, amino acids) and willing to utilize this knowledge in algal applications.
PhD Student Marika Tossavainen

My interest is utilization of microalgae as a raw material for food, feed and cosmetics. I have expertise in algal cultivation and analysis of biochemical composition (fatty acids and pigments) of algal biomass. In my doctoral studies, I have studied  suitability of industrial side streams for algal cultivation and optimization of algal biomass production and biochemical composition. My research is strongly linked to circular economy and "waste to valuable biomass" concepts.